may we be together in protection, nourishment, energy, truth and grace

I can feel the ecstatic buzz among many Ashtanga teachers these days as they prepare for the upcoming KPJAYI special 2-month training. This mix of excitement, gratitude, anticipation, and celebration can be a powerful motivating force behind the extreme effort we make in Mysore trips.
I would like to express my wish for all those participating in this course in person and from afar, for students and teachers of present and future, for the entire worldwide ashtanga community to benefit from this experience.
There are many who, like me, are keenly interested in what Sharath will share at this course, but choosing not to attend because of other priorities (family, work, health, etc.). My dear friends Shirley and Thomas, for example, are home with infant triplets. My thoughts and prayers have been going out to them daily for many months now. I also appreciate that there are also many students for whom this course is an increasingly rare opportunity to actually get to Mysore – either parents who may not be able to get to Mysore during the usual yoga season because their kids are in school, or long-time students who have found themselves together with the hundreds of applicants not being accepted during the regular yoga season because the school is full.
May we all continue to find inspiration and support for practice. If that is coming from actually going to mysore, then may we embrace the challenge of making each trip a learning experience, of infusing the ritual with heart and soul, of turning the mundane into sacred sadhana. May we continue to learn to be open-hearted and open-minded, to see, hear and feel both that which immediately inspires us and also that which challenges us in new directions. May we be disciplined and true to our selves and also receptive to wisdom which will continue to change the way we think and perceive our selves and students and the world.
om saha naa vavatu  |  saha nau bhunaktu
saha viiryam karavaavahai  |
tejasvinaavadhiitamastu  |
maa vidvisaavahai  |
om shaantih shaantih shaantih  ||



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