A Web of Thought

For someone whose natural inclination is to keep it simple, the 18 windows open on my desktop is extraordinary. Doing internet research sure can dilute the attention from infinite threads and links and sequences. Lots of my recent work research has been on Ayurveda, whose connection with Yoga has taken a prominent place in my curiosity.

The more I explore the Internet, the more I realize that it can also bring really valuable information into one’s awareness. Posts on Hindustani music, Ayurveda, Yoga and more coming soon.

For now, a few strands of content on my screen:

Back in my native place, the Americans are in the height of the Presidential election hoopla, recovering from a brutal storm named Sandy, are being cautious about allowing Ashtanga Yoga into public schools. Several initiatives to bring yoga into the public schools, as well as prisons, hospitals, and social services has been welcomed and applauded. In fact, New Age guru Deepak Chopra has teamed up with Ashtanga guru Eddie Stern of New York, to share the benefits of yoga with those who need it in and documented it in these amazing videos called Urban Yogis.  I bet there are lots of people on the East Coast who could have used some yoga this week!

The Jois Yoga half-million dollar service project to offer traditional Ashtanga yoga to public school youth, however, has met formidable resistance on the West Coast, where parents suspect this brand of a yoga to be a religious system of beliefs and practices. eeehh,, sticky business.  This incident, it seems, has stirred the pot in public debate (see this newspaper for articles) and given vent to building anti-yoga sentiment in Encinitas, California, a yoga (Ashtanga in particular) hot-spot since the 1970s.

Meanwhile, no news is good news for the branch of the program in Greenwich Connecticut. Ironically, the medical establishment in America is at the same time offering salutations to yoga’s benefits now recognized and proven by western science also (read more from this article in Forbes).

From where I am sitting (sunny and warm seaside), the benefits of yoga are an obvious waking reality. While I would very much like for as many others as possible to share this divine experience, I also feel that the roots of this experience in the Ancient Indian (including hindu) sages and yogis, seem worthy of embracing, learning and celebrating. I’m not one for dissecting or sanitizing a holistic, organic tradition.


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