Yoga: the Lifestyle

The first of my bi-weekly contributions to  is up. I’ve decided to get out of my bubble here and try to share something with mainstream, modern world  folks interested in yoga.

Now that I am a home practitioner for 10+ months per year, teach only a few weeks here and there, and live in a community where there is no yoga culture, my exchange with other yogis is somewhat limited. So it is a gift for me to be able to try to come up with something to contribute in this way.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve visited the U.S. and more than half a decade since I gave or took a yoga class there. So I am in the ideal space of giving without knowing any of the challenges U.S.-based teachers may be facing in yoga culture there these days.

Actually, it has already been a learning experience. They expected an article on yoga, but decided my subject fits better under ‘Lifestyle’. It turns out that for me, yoga is definitely mostly about how to live, although the bit on the mat is important too.


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