Dhrupad is the oldest surviving form of Indian Classical music and traces its origin to the chanting of vedic hymns and mantras. Though a highly developed classical art with a complex and elaborate grammar and aesthetics, it is also primarily a form of worship, in which offerings are made to the divine through sound or nāda. Dhrupad can be seen at different levels as a meditation, a mantric recitation, a worship , a yoga or tantra based on the knowledge of the nādis and chakras and also purely as a performing art portraying a universe of human emotions.  – excerpt taken from here.

This video features an authentic and charming yogi/musician rendering a day-time raga in the spectacular basilique de Vezelay, France.  To me, it feels like this guy is tapped into the source of wisdom of the Dhrupad tradition.  I love the subtle, patient expression (voice and gestures, the nuanced unfolding of the composition, and the meditative feeling of it. Enjoy.

If you are interested, the full composition has 5 parts on you tube (this video is part 2 or 5). Or you can listen to the whole composition on audio only here.


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