Living Yoga

Hopefully it’s just a matter of time and the number of punches in our class card before we arrive at one of the prize realization’s of yoga:  much more meaningful than the physical and mental skills we develop in the yoga is the skill of maintaining a life practice.

If somebody could learn to make all the yoga poses perfectly without learning to prioritize one’s life so that the spirit comes first, without being able to get to the yoga mat daily, without learning to hear the sound of the breath, without learning to still the mind at will, without being able to rest in her own heart upon waking each morning, she would be missing the real value of yoga.

The greatest gift of yoga is the ability to come to a place of clear inward vision and the peace that is its natural outcome. In the daily ritual of yoga practice, we learn a way to connect with the only ever-present source of limitless happiness – the Self. In time this Self becomes so important to us that we can hardly imagine a day without paying tribute to the divine within.

The physical and mental benefits, thus, become merely an added bonus to the real prize. The real prize is the magic of our innermost, intimate experience with ourselves. We take that magic from our experience on the yoga mat and infuse our whole life with it. This is living yoga.


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