Yoga Speed

My sister came from the U.S. to visit us here on the Mediterranean recently. That whirlwind week really put some air in our sails. She is a global jet-setter, very much engaged in the high-tech, mobile culture of today’s world. We learned a lot about what’s hip these days, and are inspired to one day get back out there to travel, teach some yoga, and adventure.

Next to my sister, my wife and I look like village people. We seem to just sit and stare, barely ever moving an inch, not knowin’ what’s all the ruckus about out there among the city slickers. Our son Oliver, however, can be quick the bundle of high energy. So the two of them got on fine.

It was a bit of a trick to synchronize and fall into a group speed. But we did and we ended up doing more activities that week than we’ve done in months. As always, the big sis was very impressive in her motivation to take care of business and get the job done.

As for me, I am still working on getting a job;-) and meanwhile enjoying life at yoga speed. The moments, days, moons, and years seem to be just rolling by.


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