When we start to see ourselves consistently in a sacred space, whether that be on a yoga mat, meditation cushion or walk in the woods, and we let yoga flow through our daily lives, our priorities inevitably change. We may realize what we thought was real, may not be. Perceived problems and limitations may fall and wash away. What we thought we really wanted or even needed, may disappear from our awareness totally.

If in yoga we are taking an insightful and compassionate look through our own personality and our tendencies, and into our true nature, deep-seated psychological confusion and emotional struggle can be worked out through the body and the breath. Meanwhile, the drama of our daily lives loses its power over us.

Dedicated practice has a way of drawing out of us our illusion and delusion:  our egotism, insecurity, doubt, fear, maybe even resentment, and god knows what else.  This is a unique process for each of us. For me, yoga practice exposes these tendencies and challenges me to move past them. If we are lucky, we will run out of places to project this stuff. Self-defeatism, animosity, don’t stick any more.

Then, the best we can wish for is to face our demons in the darkness of night, look them in the eye, and be blessed to see the morning light. Maybe not right away, but perhaps after a few months or years of practice, we realize that we are still just beginners in figuring out the mind, the spirit, and the heart of yoga.

Keep the flow.


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