Thoughts On Yoga Practice

Yogis are spiritual seekers wandering in a mystical forest. We experience moments of enchantment and delight, as well as moments of heart-wrenching doubt and fear. There is beauty and disgust, arousal and boredom, and just about everything in between.

We are learning to perceive the only constant in all experience – Divinity. Meanwhile, however, we witness the far-from-heavenly tricks our own minds play on us. If there we ever a moment of pure radiance of being or sacred light in my attempt to meditate, there have been so many more encounters with frustration and disappointment in waking life.

Yet I tread on moment by moment simply feeling the texture of the ground beneath my feet and of the thoughts under the light of awareness. This inward journey holds the lure of residence in the ultimate destination – establishment in our True Nature, the pure Self.

The ancient seers of India called this Self atman. With a very strict oral tradition called parampara, they handed down methods of revealing the atman to the seeker. This method we call practice.


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