The sun is rising earlier and earlier and the air is hot.  A drop of sweat fell from my face in practice this morning.  Summer must be here.

Yet there are still no signs that this Mediterranean coast can overheat.  The light breeze is delightful and the presence of the mountains rising out of the sea makes me feel quite at home .

We just returned from a lovely week at Patika Yolu in Faralya.  We enjoyed being part of the family there, sharing our meals together around a huge outdoor table filled with home-grown and prepared food, spectacular sunsets, sea views, walks through the forest, swimming in the sea and more.

Oliver dug his toes in the stones at the seaside, and several of us adventured into some meditation, yoga and chanting.  My warmest thanks go out to Patika Founder Erol, the students, volunteers and visitors.  Namaste


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