It has been cool and rainy these days.  The other day our friend Candan took us for a drive.  Under torrential downpour, we enjoyed my first authentic Turkish village breakfast.  Almost the entire spread was made from food grown locally.

Then we headed through ‘the big city’ Fethiye to Oludeniz, the Dead Sea, and checked out the spectacular blue lagoon, and the truly turquoise bay.  The water reminded me a bit of the Carribean, yet the unique geology of the seaside gives the place its own character.

Driving up the steep and windy road to Faralya gave me a long-forgotten impulse to pull out my rock-climbing shoes.  The craggy limestone cliffs and steep mountainsides that drop right down into the beautiful  blue sea give the place such a heavenly vibe.

It does not have that remote, end-of-the-Earth feeling that places like Lake Baikal or alpine lakes have, but Faralya has a naturally powerful yet also hospitable and gentle atmosphere:  goats roaming the mountainsides, terraces with olive trees and gardens, olive trees planted some villages.

It just so happens that Faralya is where we will be going next week for a 5-day Yoga Camp.  The program begins next Saturday evening and goes through Thursday evening.  It promises to be an ideal setting to learn yoga.


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