Trying to Understand

Understanding that comes from pure and direct perception, personal experience if you will, is the juice that keeps me going.

It’s tricky though.  There is a tendency to confuse kinds of understanding.  We may really know (pramana – right understaning), or may just think we know.  False knowledge, illusion, etc. make the realm ignorance (avidya) seem so vast.

Thank God for the yogic life – the practice of pure perception.  For example, Oliver is sometimes as sweet as a monk and others as terrible as a mobster.  Selin sincerely wanted to name him Vito Bertero, the Italian-Turkish-American kingpin;-)  He did  choose to be born the evening Godfather was on t.v….

I am quite allured with the challenge of really trying to understand him instead of projecting onto him my own desires, fears, frustrations, etc.  That basically IS yoga for me – an ongoing attempt at tuning into a state of consciousness that is observing, sensing and discerning.

Often, however, when I look into this little face, it is as if from Oliver I am hearing Pattabhi Jois with his captivating presence and playful Indian voice “I am telling.  You…  naaaaaaaat understading.”


One thought on “Trying to Understand

  1. Haha that’s hilarious, and so true
    Garden looks beautiful, Veto looks gorgeous, please send love to selin

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