Full Moon

The full moon last week brought out a special feeling of wholeness for me. As we sort & pack our stuff, and say goodbye to Istanbul, I am feeling grateful to have reached this moment –  for all the impressions stored, lessons learned, and growth experienced in 3+ years I was here.

The moon day marked Hanuman Jayanti on the Hindu calendar. Hanuman is one of my favorite student/devotees whose pure devotion, equanimous offering of self, and simple service to the guru make him a shining star in Indian mythology.

The tradition of passing down spiritual knowledge through a guru-disciple relationship has a very powerful appeal to me.  Whilst my practice is fiercely self-reliant and independent, it is at the same time an act of ‘total-as-possible’ surrender to both the principle of yoga, as well as the actual physical masters who have embodied that principle.   Maybe it is because of my deep ingrained inclination for taking responsibility of one’s self, that I have a profound longing to offer my most pure, equanamous effort to the lotus feet of a living teacher.


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