Why Not Start Now?

Experience followed by inquiry, may then lead us back to experience.  This creates the infinite cycle of practice and development. In other words, you gotta come and do it and then reflect upon it.  And repeat that over and over.  This is the unbroken ring of fire, the tapas that Shiva is dancing in.

To practice yoga is to filter one’s whole life experience through the knowledge of yoga. The knowledge itself, then serves to reveal to us the processes of knowing, and the knower. Thus, we learn about our magical ability to be conscious, and about who we are as conconsciouness.

It is my observation from experience sharing the path of yoga with others, that all whose yoga practice follows Patanjali’s advise (‘continuous effort over a long period of time’ ), eventually are drawn to and come to learn something about both Sanskrit and Ayurveda.  At some point… on some level.

Sanskrit is the language which was shaped, and, thus, has in turn itself shaped the tradition of yoga. Basic knowledge of Sanskrit gives a yoga practitioner a way to connect and relate to the wealth of yoga philosophy, which can be a valuable source of inspiration.  Ayurveda, literally the science of life, offers an extremely applicable way to understand ourselves as yogis and the world we live in.

Both Ayurveda and Sanskrit can be extremely useful tools in our reflection and inquiry (svadhyaya).  It is never too early to start!


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