Tic Toc

Every moment can be taken as a bridge to the future, or a chance to get wet and learn to swim. That is, of course, unless we are still just sitting on the shore waiting for a ride from the ferryman.

Have you ever been in a phase of your life when you were counting down the days, the minutes, the seconds until whatever comes next? As if, poof, in one magically moment suddenly everything will be different. I sure have.

Maybe on New Year’s Eve you counted down the seconds until the ball dropped in Time Square, or Red Square, or Taksim Square. Some people were looking back at the past year, or looking ahead to 2011. Many people were asleep, couldn’t be bothered. I entered 2011 on the couch absorbed in the profound wisdom of the film Zoolander.

These days I am really feeling the ticking of the clock in my pranayama practice, when I count the seconds while holding my breath. And I want to know, can we learn to count, to have perspective on the past and future while being intensely awake, aware and present here, now, timelessly?


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