Resolve Part II

The following is continued from yesterday’s post:

The key is that the intention we set for 2011 must start with a very subtle change in the right direction and must be followed with a vigilance in holding that course.

The yoga postures teach this to us directly:  small corrections made constantly in search of balance and effortlessness. All asanas are a play of opposites (rotation and counter rotation, inhale and exhale, prana and apana) which we let balance each other. Lean too far the opposite way, move too quickly, loose touch with the connection that runs throughout the body, and you will fall…

In the asana, we listen to the sound of breath, the truest indicator or gage of what’s happening in us. We learn to keep our attention steady, with the magical combination of consistency and openness to the unknown. We let the asana take the external shape of our inner strength (bandha and breath, core muscles, deep tissue, etc.) rather than conform to some external parameters (see post From the Inside Out).

We find a place to practice that is convenient and pleasant, and commit to a routine that is realistic for our life situation. And we remain true to that commitment. We allow that commitment to simplify our lives for us. We make the effort and be open to the possibilities.

My sankalpa for 2011 is to keep practicing, to keep trying to find ways to share the benefit of my practice with others, through maintaining our studio, teaching, writing, and living yoga. I have my practice, which is deeply rooted by years of effort, and I have the inclination of surrender, and the present moment.

The application of this intention (the yoga is in the application!) is to remind myself to EASE off and surrender to the Divine Will. I try (very easily of course) to let into my awareness the wisdom of neither attaching myself to that which my mind tells me to DESIRE (happiness at home, success at work, new pair of jeans, chocolate, whatever), nor pushing away that which my mind tells me is repulsive (excessive television, shopping, Facebooking, whatever).

Thus, in a way, my new year resolution is simply not to go crazy about being either sinner or saint. I can align myself with the things that reflect my best and are possible and readily accessable- like love for family and friends, yoga practice, teaching, nature, the joy we get in a moment of peace. I make constant subtle adjustments toward the goal of balance, and continue to cultivate the simple and disciplined life infused with joy and devotion.


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