Our Deepest Desire

Ashtanga Yoga is a method of self-realization that works from the inside out. The practitioner is challenged from the very beginning to connect with an intention. If one’s suffering is great enough (see Bhagavad Gita Ch.1), the teacher and method may appear.

Nothing but the practice itself can convince a yogi to persevere in such an endeavor. The success we may have thought we wanted before, usually seems improbable at best in the present.   Yet if there is any yoga involved in my state at the moment, somehow the experience feels fine.

Yoga is radical, even revolutionary. Yoga defies almost everything else we’re told from the world around us (that we need to buy more stuff, look better, be anything else than you already are in order to be happy).

Yoga is not another thing to that we should need, or seek ultimate satisfaction in. Yoga is an opportunity to realize the Self in us which is independently whole, pure, and at peace.

Society is perpetually trying to convince us many things, but we know that change for the better has to come from a desire deep within.  That desire is like air that fills sails – when channeled into the bit of cloth that we call Practice, this desire lifts us up past the stagnation and suffering of conditioned existence and lets us sail smoothly through all the weather life may bring.



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