Beginners’ Luck

The beginning of the yoga path can be really sweet. Students can be dazzled in the first few moments of employing Ashtanga’s unique system of tristhana.

 tristhana  literally means the steadiness of three . It is the effect that comes from the synthesis of the correct body (asana), breathing (ujjayi pranayama and bandha) and looking technique (drishte).

Sometimes students get a taste of the final limbs of Ashtanga Yoga (concentration, meditation and absorption) almost by beginners’ luck in their first few minutes of learning asana.

Yes, dear reader, you and I both, very likely have already experienced perhaps subsequently elusive moments of the royal state of yoga – a state beyond luxury, beyond all worldly desire.  Maybe it has been so long that we have already forgotten?

Ganesh (pictured above) is a symbol of auspicious beginnings. In India he appears often at entrances to sacred places. He is called upon by those starting great projects and embarking on great journeys, like the path of learning yoga. I chant a mantra to Ganesh before my asana practice to remind myself to keep the beginner’s wisdom and taste the sweetness.


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