Mental Clarity

The Truth is that not all of us have come to yoga with spiritual aspiration on our minds. In time, however, we see that the awakening of desire to explore and embrace our nature as spirit or soul is a naturally occuring benefit of a dedicated yoga practice.

Perhaps at this stage of your life, spiritual enlightenment seems far too theoritcal and unrealistic. Maybe what you are wanting is simply peace of mind. Maybe there are times when you find your mind on auto-pilot heading is a direction that you know is not healthy or happy…

Maybe your mind seems tired and foggy, in need of a restart. Or you are having an instinctive feeling that with all your thinking, you are missing out on the more important things in life…

Now as you read this, take a moment to observe the connection between the thought you are having now …

and the very next thought that comes to mind.

If you are able to observe your thoughts, and maybe even the space in between the thoughts, then on some level your awareness has already found a way to the spirit.

Yoga teaches us that it is possible to be fully conscious and momentarily (at first) rest in the gaps between the thoughts. It allows us to see the thinking process simply as something we do, rather than as who we are.

Dedicated yoga practice brings more clarity, improved perception and concentration.


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